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LiPo for 3DR IRIS R/C transmitter

IRIS pilots will quickly get tired of buying Alkaline AA batteries for the R/C transmitter and will also realize that this can turn into a costly part of our hobby. Time to replace these batteries with a Lipo.

Angled Mini-USB adapter for GoPro in Tarot Gimbal

I would like to keep the GoPro camera in the Tarot Gimbal all the time. Even for charging or downloading the images the videos and images via USB. But so far I always had to take the camera off the Gimbal as it was impossible to connect the USB cable. The reason is that the Tarot Gimbal blocks access to the USB port on the GoPro. This is very annoying.

Longer “short” legs for 3DR IRIS

With the current short legs IRIS hangs just a few millimeter above the ground. When taking off from or landing in (wet) grass – such as on a Baseball field – the lower body sits in the grass and gets wet. Also the rotors often touch or rather mow through longer grass with IRIS so close to the ground. Last but not least, you actually cannot open the battery door and slide in a battery while IRIS is sitting on the ground. You have to pick up the quad instead.

Tablet mount for IRIS radio

I use a Google Nexus 7 as Ground Control Station (GCS) together with my 3DR IRIS R/C radio transmitter. Initially I placed the tablet on the ground next to me while flying and solely listened to the voice commands. This was not a desirable setup as I prefer to look at the screen while flying. In this post I’ll show you how to solve this challenge and mount the Nexus 7 table to the R/C radio transmitter.