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Mounting the IRIS Telemetry antenna differently

In a previous post I already wrote about the problem with the the default antenna mount position of IRIS. If you actually look carefully, you’ll notice three problems: When flipping over IRIS during a crash landing you can easily damage the antenna

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Protecting the IRIS Telemetry antenna against damage

On pictures of 3DR’s IRIS you always see the telemetry antenna in the back of IRIS pointing straight up (See Figure 1). Turns out that this configuration is actually a bad idea. Especially with the long legs (as depicted in

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Tablet mount for IRIS radio

I use a Google Nexus 7 as Ground Control Station (GCS) together with my 3DR IRIS R/C radio transmitter. Initially I placed the tablet on the ground next to me while flying and solely listened to the voice commands. This was not

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