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Advanced charger for IRIS+

You will quickly reach the point, where you want to replace the standard charger that comes with a 3DR IRIS+. This charger not only takes a long time to charge your Lipos, but it also doesn’t provide you any feedback on the amount of energy you put back into the Lipo.

eCalc xcopterCalc settings for IRIS and IRIS+

eCalc xcopterCalc is a great online Multicoper Calculator, which supports you in choosing an adequate motor setup – along with propellers and ESC – for your electric RC Multicopter.

Improving lift on IRIS+ with other propellers

The all new IRIS+ comes with an upgraded motor as well as propellers versus the previous IRIS. While the new 920 kV motor along with the 5100 mAh 3S Lipo provides added lift of IRIS+ over the 850 kV motor of IRIS, this benefit is actually mitigated by the now shorter 9.5×4.5″ propellers. This means that while IRIS+ features a longer flight time than IRIS, the hover throttle (percent of throttle required to hover) is pretty much the same.

Battery Failsafe on IRIS+

In the IRIS forums at DIYDronres, Ardupilot, and the IRIS Facebook group often the question comes up after the “best” or “right” battery failsafe setting for IRIS. After ruining one of my Multistar 3S 5200mAh Lipo packs over the weekend, I had a closer look at the various settings that influence what happens on a Battery Failsafe event. Therefore let’s have a look.

3DR IRIS with 4S batteries

Due to the rather poor flight performance of the 3DR IRIS with Gimbal and long legs on 3S batteries, I was looking into flying with 4S batteries, along with reducing the weight of the quad. In this post I want to share my interim results.