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Get rid of Jello with the Tarot T-2D gimbal

Have you noticed Jello in your video while using the Tarot T-2D gimbal. Here the Jello is not coming from vibrations due to the motors or props, but the gimbal itself. Even with IRIS on the ground and motors turned off, you can sometimes see the vibrations of the camera and the resulting Jello in the video footage. In this article I will show you how to fix this.

Angled Mini-USB adapter for GoPro in Tarot Gimbal

I would like to keep the GoPro camera in the Tarot Gimbal all the time. Even for charging or downloading the images the videos and images via USB. But so far I always had to take the camera off the Gimbal as it was impossible to connect the USB cable. The reason is that the Tarot Gimbal blocks access to the USB port on the GoPro. This is very annoying.