Tablet mount for IRIS radio

I use a Google Nexus 7 as Ground Control Station (GCS) together with my 3DR IRIS R/C radio transmitter. Initially I placed the tablet on the ground next to me while flying and solely listened to the voice commands. This was not a desirable setup as I prefer to look at the screen while flying. In this post I’ll show you how to solve this challenge and mount the Nexus 7 table to the R/C radio transmitter.

 Required materials and tools

The following materials are required. Below are direct purchasing links for

The following tools are required:

  • Philips Screw-driver

How-to assemble

Follow these steps to build your Nexus 7 tablet mount:

  • Assemble the FPV LCD Monitor Transmitter mount following the included instructions and attach it to your radio transmitter.
  • Instead of mounting an FPV LCD monitor to the mount, use the Velcro Industrial Strength tape to mount the Google Nexus 7 (See Figure 2).
  • Mount the 3DR Telemetry radio via the Velcro Industrial Strength tape to the tablet.
  • Connect the USB cable between tablet and 3DR Telemetry radio. Make sure that the blue plug is in the tablet.


The final table mount for your IRIS radio will look like this:


Figure 1: Tablet mount for IRIS radio (Back view)

Figure 1: Tablet mount for IRIS radio (Back view)

Figure 2: Tablet mount for IRIS radio (Front view)

Figure 2: Tablet mount for IRIS radio (Front view)

While it is possible to use a strap with this combination, I actually don’t do so. The total setup is not very heavy and easy to hold even with one hand, Especially after replacing the regular batteries in the R/C transmitter with a lipo.