Longer “short” legs for 3DR IRIS

With the current short legs IRIS hangs just a few millimeter above the ground. When taking off from or landing in (wet) grass – such as on a Baseball field – the lower body sits in the grass and gets wet. Also the rotors often touch or rather mow through longer grass with IRIS so close to the ground. Last but not least, you actually cannot open the battery door and slide in a battery while IRIS is sitting on the ground. You have to pick up the quad instead.

In this post I’ll show you how to raise IRIS by about 1/2 cm to overcome these issues.

Required materials and tools

The following materials are required. Below are direct purchasing links for Amazon.com:

The following tools are required:

  • Sharp knife

How-to assemble

Follow these steps to raise your legs and add additional protection against hard landings:

  • With the sharp knife cut a little square slit into the black rubber balls. The size should match the lower end of the IRIS length. And the depth should be about 1/3 – 1/2 of the black rubber ball.
  • Glue the rubber balls on the legs.


The final raised legs will look like this:

Figure 1: IRIS with raised short legs

Figure 1: IRIS with raised short legs

Notice that the rubber balls will also absorb energy during hard landings. The added weight is minimal with each rubber ball weighting less than 1 g.